The Jam Cruise Greening Crew and Conscious Cruisers will be back onboard to help minimize the environmental impact on Jam Cruise 15. 

We model the efforts that a charter cruise can take to lower the environmental impact of a cruise. Jam Cruise Greening eliminates disposable plastics, sources sustainable products and improves onboard collection of recyclables. In addition, we partner with progressive compost and recycling facilities, offsets ships emissions and demonstrate solar power. We invite passengers to be engaged and conscious cruisers. Jam Cruise is the only large cruise in North America using biodegradable products and offloading them for composting. This is made possible though our partnership with Waste Management of South Florida.  Jam Cruise is proud to align with Norwegian as environmental stewards with a core company value of Envinronmental Protection. Learn more about Norwegian's environmental practices including its Eco-Smart Cruising program and recent Gold William M. Benkert Marine Environmental Protection Award in the foreign vessel category. 

“I should express first my being impressed by the initiatives already undertaken and accomplished on Jam Cruise. It is impressive to see the successes Jam Cruise has had in impacting the practice of the cruise line (especially in regards to reducing/eliminating use of plastic and styrofoam, a focus on recycling, and demonstration of use of solar power). I believe you have established a role model for others wishing to “green” cruise ships they charter for events or activities.”

- Ross A. Klein, PhD, an internationally recognized authority on the cruise ship industry, commissioned to write four reports for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, two reports for Bluewater Network/Friends of the Earth.

Jam Cruise 14 Recap

Thank you Jam Cruisers for another great year with JC Greening. Special thanks to our compostable cup sponsors, Breckenridge Brewery and Lagunitas Brewing Company. Special thanks to the CAN’d Aid Foundation for the financial support towards the recycling program. Amazing recycling numbers from Jam Cruise 14, including 11.59 tons of glass and 1.55 tons of compostable cups offloaded for composting at WM’s South Florida facility. We signed up another 100 conscious cruisers to pledge to bring awareness and action in their travel habits. I don't know about you, but we thought that the delicious beer at Brews at Seas tasted even sweeter knowing that the kegs were cooled by our solar energy demonstration project.

Conscious Cruiser Program

So you're an ethical cruiser, aka. a Conscious Cruiser on Jam Cruise with the desire to lower your environmental impact and support the local communities we visit on our journey. Read on my friends. Not only is it as simple as following the few steps listed below, but we have an entire Conscious Cruiser headquarters on board to answer your questions. There's no reason to leave your tree hugging self behind when you are on Jam Cruise. We encourage you to embrace it!

How to be a Conscious Cruiser?

  • Volunteer - Positive Legacy & Greening need your help, email 
  • Minimize the amount of single-use items you pack and remember your water bottle 
  • Offset your carbon emissions from your personal travel to/from Miami 
  • Put waste in its place – use the Cloud 9 resource recovery stations and cigarette butt receptacles 
  • Attend the Jam for Change panel discussion 
  • Visit Positive Legacy and Greening HQ learn more about our programs and excursions
  • Donate an item for the Positive Legacy charity auction, then bid on an item! 
  • Reuse your towels and linens to decrease greywater waste 
  • Attend the Positive Legacy and Greening Celebration